Takayama Autumn Festival (秋の高山祭)6

One of the highlights of the festival is the street parade that takes place during the day.

Smaller floats are pulled through the streets and up to the temple:

Takayama 31-Parade3

Takayama 31-Parade4

Takayama 31-Parade4-2.JPG

Takayama 31-Parade2

Takayama 31-Parade6

They are accompanied by a variety of different traditional musicians and musical instruments:

Takayama 31-Parade10

Takayama 31-Parade17

Takayama 31-Parade5

Takayama 31-Parade18

The parade features participants of all ages – from about 80:

Takayama 31-Parade9

To about 8:

Takayama 31-Parade15

And all ages in between:

Takayama 31-Parade14

Takayama 31-Parade13

Takayama 31-Parade12

Takayama 31-Parade8

Sometimes you need a quick break:

Takayama 31-Parade16

Takayama 31-Parade7

And of course it all ends with the Dragon Dance:

Takayama 31-Parade11


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