Takayama Autumn Festival (秋の高山祭)3

One of the highlights of the festival is the puppet show held at Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine. Each puppet requires “9 puppet masters to manipulate the 36 strings which make the marionettes move in a lifelike manner, with gestures, turns and other movements” (Wikipedia).

The show takes place in front of the main shrine and the puppets are operated from within the float:

Takayama 17-Puppet Show4

The movements are incredibly graceful and lifelike:

Takayama 14-Puppet Show1

Takayama 15-Puppet Show2.JPG

Takayama 16-Puppet Show3

The float being wheeled away for the evening:

Takayama 19-Puppet Show6-Float Leaving Temple

Musicians on the float:

Takayama 20-Puppet Show7-Float Musicians

Autumn leaves at the shrine:

Takayama 18-Puppet Show5-Temple